All payments are required before day of service

Evaluations normally include a reasonable record review (up to 1½ inches or 375 pages and/or 60 minutes of video*), psychological testing (when done in office), neuropsychological testing (when appropriate and done in office), report preparation, forensic interview, collateral interviews, conference call with the attorney, and a written report (verbal at request).

Please note that the Evaluation Fee does not include travel time.

*Any records over 1½ inches or 375 pages and/or 60 minutes of video will be billed at an additional cost of $100/hour.


- Competency
- Criminal Responsibility
- Diminished Capacity
- Allegation of Abuse
- Dangerousness Assessment
- Sexual Offender Evaluation
- Record Review


- Brain/Head Injury
- Toxic Tort
- Civil Competency
- Guardianship
- Conservatorship
- Emotional Damages
- Fitness for Duty
- Medical Malpractice

- Parental Fitness
- Will Contest
- Record Review


- Psychiatric Evaluation
- Neuropsychiatric Evaluation
- Social Security
- Disability
- Record Review


- Deposition
- Testimony
- Travel (within 2 hours)*
- Overnight Stay*

Note: Please note fees are subject to change without notice. Evaluations are conducted Monday-Thursday only.

*Travel time and Overnight Stays require a four-week advance notice and is subject to approval by Dr. Miller and staff.